Hello, one and all I am the one, the only, internet’s TheAllanMuir. I have been writing about video games whether its a blog of my own a decade ago, (feel free to mock it here as my feelings towards is similar to George Lucas’ towards the Star Wars Holiday Special) writing for various sites such as JustPushStart, GamerZitch, VGU/Arcane/Toaster Chimp, and my position here at LosHarrowGames is that of both Managing Editor, Xbox Head Editor, and co-founder along with Hunter “Steal Your Girl” Davenport.

My Top Ten games in no particular order are

  1. The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past
  2. inFamous
  3. Fallout: New Vegas
  4. The Walking Dead A Telltale Game Series
  5. Resistance 3
  6. Star Wars: Knights The Old Republic
  7. WWF No Mercy
  8. The Witcher 3
  9. Dark Souls 1
  10. Star Wars Jedi Outcast

What Inspired Me To Write About Games?

Honestly? It had to be IGN’s tenth anniversary set of videos that made me want to report on video games. Along with the two Game Scoop ten year anniversary videos. When it comes to reviewing games that dubious honor goes to two people: Victor Lucas and Tommy Tallarico of Reviews on the Run/Electric Playground fame who I watched on G4 *praise it* and I’ve had a lifelong love of gaming both playing and learning about may it be books or Icons or DidYouKnowGaming/Unseen64.


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