Salutations, frugal game player (or friend or relative of said game player)! Thanksgiving is currently going on for those of us in the US, and it’s a time for all of us to reflect on the things we’re grateful for over the last year. But immediately after that, it’s time to participate in some good old fashioned consumerism! Luckily, we at Los Harrow Games are happy to aid in your search for discounts and excellent games. Here, I’ll be sharing some of our favorite games of this year, and yesteryear, and where to pick them up at the deepest discount.

You’re probably hanging out with your family this week. So, instead of lashing out with family arguments, why not Quiplash with some party games? The Jackbox games are some of the greatest, and most accessible, party games of all time, and many of them are on sale right now. Jackbox Party Pack 5, this years entry, is 35% off on PSN and 35% off on Xbox Live w/ a Gold subscription. Plus, on PS4, if you wanna buy the last 4 games as well, you can pick up the bundle for 50% off on PSN.The Jackbox Party Pack 3_20171124213044.png
Does the humor from all those games fail to cut the family tension? Well, how about some dryer humor from Glad0s? Portal 2 is $2 on Steam and it’s predecessor is also on sale for the same price. Not doing if for you either? How about the lighthearted adventures of Marcus and friends in Watch Dogs 2? It’s $18 on PSN right now, and if you want a physical copy, it’ll be $15 at Best Buy and Ubisoft’s official store.m6zIG
Sick of all the happy feelings floating around? Well, how about you grit your teeth and struggle through something like Dark Souls? The recent remaster of the first game is $25 on the Namco Bandai Store for PS4 and X1, along with Dark Souls 3 for $15, Dark Souls 2 for $15 and the entire trilogy for $50. And also, if you prefer to download your death simulators, Dark Souls 3 is also 66% off on XBL w/ a Gold subscription. And if you wanna keep up the spookiness, just with less difficulty, Call of Cthulhu is 75% off on Humble, which is impressive considering it only came out a few weeks ago.34b7e073063e393c66d72aed7c451988_1920_KR
If that’s too methodical for you, then let’s pick up the pace with one of the fastest shooters of this generation, Titanfall 2. It’s $10 on PSN with a Plus subscription, and it comes bundled with some cosmetic DLC and 2XP tokens. It’s also available on PC through Origin for $5 by itself. Love the fast pace, but prefer vehicular homicide instead? Pick up one of the greatest racing games of all time, Burnout Paradise Remastered, on both PS4 and X1 for $10 at Best Buy. And if you prefer a digital download, Burnout is also $8 on XBL with Gold and $9 on PSN with Plus.Titanfall™ 2_20161120114409
Love the open world of Burnout Paradise, but have an irrational fear of automobiles? Pick up the PlayStation exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn, bundled with it’s Frozen Wilds DLC, for $10 at Gamestop, which is the same price the DLC alone is going for. And speaking of PlayStation exclusives, The Last of Us is a game that everyone who loves the medium should play, and if you haven’t, it’s $6 on PSN right now.The Last of Us™ Remastered_20150301015243
Now that we have those out of the way, lets talk about the deals going on for the biggest games of this current year.

Marvel’s Spider-Man, one of the best games of the year, is $40 on PSN. Florence is as great as it is brief, and for $2 on iOS, it’s a no brainer. Spyro Reignited Trilogy will be $30 at Gamestop. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is going to be $27 at Gamestop and if you want the Season Pass as well, including the AC III and Liberation 4K remasters, then then Ubisoft’s store has the Gold edition for $55.Marvel's Spider-Man_20180913005501.png
If your craving something more linear and story based, Detroit Become Human will be $20 at both Best Buy and Gamestop. Also, Game of the Year frontrunner, God of War, is going to be $17 at Gamestop or $22 on PSN if you prefer a digital copy. And finally, while Red Dead Redemption 2’s base game won’t be discounted and will just come bundled with either a $10 gift certificate at Gamestop or a collapsible cup at Best Buy, it’s Ultimate Edition is discounted slightly on PSN and XBL w/ GoldRed Dead Redemption 2_20181028185405.png
And to wrap it all up, here’s an overview of the best console hardware and non-game software deals out there.

Have yet to pick up a PlayStation 4? Nearly all retailers will have the 1TB Slim console, a Dualshock 4, and Marvel’s Spider-Man for $200. If you do already own a PS4, now is a great time to get into PSVR, with a bundle including the headset, camera, Moss, and Astrobot: Rescue  Mission going for $200 at many retailers. And if you need Move controllers as well, you can get a bundle including those controllers, the headset, camera, Creed: Rise to Glory and Superhot VR for $250 as well.astrobot2
The PlayStation Plus 12 month subscription is $40 at nearly all retailers, including PSN. As for PS4 Pro, the only deal for now is that Gamestop will give you a $50 gift card if you get one at regular price, but in my experience, sometimes retailers like Amazon or Best Buy drop the price on PS4 Pros on Black Friday to stay competitive, so just stay vigilant.

You can get a white 1TB Xbox One S, bundled with Minecraft, a bunch of DLC, and trials for XBL Gold and Games Pass, for $200 at nearly every retailer. Unlike the PS4 Pro, Xbox One X is also on sale, with nearly every retailer selling it for $400. Also, all Xbox One X bundles are also $70 off. So, for $30 more, you can bundle games like Fallout 76, Shadow of The Tomb Raider, and Battlefield V with it. Xbox Live Gold subscriptions for 3 and 6 months are also discounted1adad5c96c2752dd1b034b597c48fcaf.jpg
And finally, as often is the case with recently released Nintendo hardware, there are no discounts on Switch, though Gamestop will include a $50 gift card with your purchase of one at regular price.

And that’s all, folks! Most, if not all, of these deals will be available online, and Amazon tends to price match the deals found at other retailers to stay competitive, so do check online before jumping into the stampede at your local store. And for more deals, do follow both @videogamedeals and @Wario64 on Twitter for valuable updates. If there’s a game you’re looking for that we didn’t recommend here, then maybe check Cheap Ass Gamer’s epic spreadsheet of Black Friday deals, or use PSPrices to search the price of it at digital retailers.

Hopefully, whether your Thanksgiving is spent with family, friends, co-workers, or just yourself, I, and all of us at Los Harrow,  hope you enjoy the day. 


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