You ever have those weeks where you go back and touch on previous games? This was one of those weeks. I typically don’t go back to games when new content is added, but I decided to do just that.

I also decided to give one of the more praised VR games a try, so I threw on my giant Robocop-like helmet and became an all-seeing God to a mouse with a sword.


There was a period where Overwatch was constantly talked about or at least brought up. I was not one of those people. You see, I’m terrible at shooters. So after about a week, I was fine putting Overwatch aside and moving to the next game.

Of course, Blizzard had continued to put in work to make Overwatch as successful as it is. I saw none of it. Until now. I finally decided to see these new characters, see what stages may have been added, and anything else that could surprise me.

For the most part, it feels the same. Which is good, because Overwatch plays really well. I’ve experimented with several new characters and disliked some such as Doomfist but grew to appreciate others like Wrecking Ball.

As a shock to nobody, I’m still trash at Overwatch. Luckily, they have a practice mode with AI characters which I greatly appreciate. I hate jumping into a more serious match as a low-level noob, especially in a game that has been out for a while. Saying its jumping into the deep end is an understatement and incredibly intimidating.

It’s been almost three years, and Overwatch still holds up well. The loot system is still fun and the number of unlockables is quite high. I know seasonal stuff is popular, and I doubt I’ll care enough to boot up the game for a chance at those after the current lunar one, but it’s clear why the game has people by the plums.

Finally, it reminds me to do something I had been meaning to do. I originally was invested in Overwatch because of the amazing cinematic lore leading up to the game. I really want to rewatch those and any new ones that have since been released. Who knows, it may reinvigorate my interest and keep me around even longer.

DC Universe Online

Remember when this game wasn’t free? I do because I pre-ordered this game and even platinumed it! But I received an email saying a character could get a rating boost and DLC levels would be open to everyone. So what better reason to jump in?

Well, aside from that, I wanted to give my oldest son the opportunity to create his own character. Which, of course, he did, and with the utmost glee! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a new DC supervillain – Mecha Mummy!

After my son got that out of his system, I decided to bump a character up in combat rating before I checked out the DLC levels I missed. So then the question was…who? My Doctor Occult knockoff in Madame Occult? No. My lady speedster villain Haste? Nada. I decided to stick it on my rage-powered beast of a man called NovaPain.

Quick rewind: DC Universe Online was my first MMO. So not only did I not know what to expect with the base game when it released, I sure didn’t have a clue in terms of expansions of any sort.

They’re…okay I guess? More grinding and some of them are smaller in scope mostly featuring a few missions that don’t feel particularly fun. However, if you are a DC Comics fan like I am, there is something about going to New Genesis to fight Orion or travel to Earth 3 to save people from Ultraman’s heat vision. It didn’t win me over to purchase these expansions when the free time ends, but it was cool to see nonetheless.

And let’s face it…I’m not one to jump into random groups on online games. Trying to play through these solo seemed practically impossible if others weren’t around which also dampened my enjoyment. Maybe in the future, I can grab some fellow LHG members to get a session going, but until then, not sure how much more I’ll play.


Moss has been lauded as a must-play VR game. At this time, maybe only an hour into it…I just don’t see why.

Don’t get me wrong, the platforming is mostly tight despite some missed jumps that felt like I should have had it, and having one of the most adorable mice I’ve ever seen in media with Quill; but as a VR game, I haven’t run across the “wow” factor yet.

As a game itself, Moss is good so far. The world is well realized and is the best part of the VR experience as the perspective brings you down closer to Quill’s level. The combat feels intuitive and the ways to platform through levels has wrinkles added in to change it up.

But as a VR experience, you just kind of sit there. You can move your head to try and peek behind structures, usually hiding a collectible, but that’s the extent of what VR has added to this game at the moment outside of adding an extra layer of depth. Perhaps later on in the game, they do more with the VR, but I’m not impressed so far.

In fact, as of right now, Moss feels like it was created more for the PlayStation Move than any type of VR. Oftentimes the movement of the controller is used to pickup Quill, move structures in the environment to proceed, or as a method to continue the story with flipping pages.

So to sum up: Moss seems like a decent game. I’m enjoying my time with it and I’ll finish the game for sure. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed in the VR implementation with how talked up it was by various people and outlets. I’m hoping that will change though.

Week 4 is in the bag and I’ve already started work on week 5. One game had some hype this week after a presentation of sorts, and having missed the prior title, I thought now was a good time to visit it.

Hope you all are enjoying Resident Evil 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3!

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