Welcome back, Pilot!

This week, we finally get Josh Miller and Cam Dagg on the show with the usual Allan and Emmett to talk about a bunch of stuff. We talk more about Insomniac’s Spider-Man, talk about the free to play game Let it Die, have a big discussion about Media Molecule’s Dreams beta (the NDA is up, so Emmett can finally talk about it!), and a whole lot more.

Plus, in the news segment, we talk about Metro Exodus becoming a timed Epic Store exclusive on PC, the free to play, battle royale Titanfall game that’s coming, and we also discuss the recent PlayStation 5 rumors, including one big backwards compatibility story.

You can listen to the show on iTunesSpotifyPocket CastsGoogle Podcasts, at the bottom of this article, and more!  

Click here to watch Ep 2 of Allan’s The Walking Dead let’s play!

Click here to watch “Fallout 76: 4 Months Later”.

Here’s Emmett’s stream of the Dreams Beta!

Here’s the first match of the PlayStation All-Stars Ultimate Roster Showdown! (and be sure to listen to the first podcast about this in the feed!)

Here’s the link to Cam’s interview podcast!

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