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Round 1: Josh Miller on behalf of KOS-MOS from Xenosaga

One of the best japanese role-playing games (JRPGs) from the PlayStation 2 days consisted as a trilogy. I never had the opportunity to play the third game, but the titular character left a lasting impression. Her name is KOS-MOS, and I’m throwing her hat in the ring for this roster.

I’m going to be straight though – obtaining her as a character could be difficult. The Xenosaga series she was born from is a Monolith Soft joint who are now owned by Nintendo. For the sake of this argument, we will assume that Sony and Nintendo worked something out to allow KOS-MOS into this game.

This is where the first benefit would come in. Despite the Xenosaga trilogy being wrapped up for a while, KOS-MOS made appearances in games since; the most recent being Xenoblade Chronicles 2. This is perfect when it comes to recreating the character model in a more modern game and even better because the design still holds up so well.

The fact that her android body allows for a multitude of possibilities makes her a fantastic addition to the game. Her arms can morph into weapons of both firearm and melee nature along with the option for a shield or healing to mix in with typical combat. This would make her a remarkably well-rounded character with so many avenues for both damage and protection during battle.

Since she has so many weapons at her disposal, several of them can be used as the special attacks. For example, an attack she has in the games is a powerful beam fired from her stomach called the X-Buster whereas another could be the use of her gatling gun like the Supernova move from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. No matter the choice, there is plenty of cool moves to incorporate with her as a fighter.

KOS-MOS in my opinion would fit great on a new PlayStation All-Stars roster. Being a strong female from one of the more beloved JRPG series in gaming is a huge perk while also being a solid choice given her history as a PlayStation character from the PlayStation 2 days. Without her inclusion, the game would be missing out on a really cool character. That’s why I think she should make it in.

Round 2: Emmett Watkins Jr. on behalf of Uncle Death from Let It Die

If you saw the PlayStation Experience presentation from 2016, then you might remember one of the smaller, more surprising titles shown: Let It Die. Sure, while it made a decent pop at release, the free to play Souls-like brawler has quietly been active in the background on PS4 (and PC).

But despite its lack of recent popularity, it’s most prominently featured character, Uncle Death is unquestionably one of the more standout characters of the generation and is easily deserving of a slot on the roster.

Being a Grasshopper Manufacturer game, Let is Die if full of insane set pieces, bonkers character design, and meme worthy interactions. But Uncle Death stands at the top as the most compelling aspect of the game thanks to his chill nature, despite being the Grim Reaper himself. His character provides such a hilarious juxtaposition that is evident before he even calls you Senpai for the first time. From his wacky glasses over his bare skull, to his golden scythe that transforms to a golf club at will, he simply has too much going on to not be noteworthy.

Speaking of his accessories, they perfectly lend themselves to the combat of PlayStation All-Stars. His Scythe could be used in regular melee combat while his golf club could be used to do the same, but also while adding raged combat with projectile golf balls. His skateboard could also be incorporated, maybe in a similar fashion to Parappa the Rapper in the original game. Furthermore, imagine the supers you could have for Uncle Death! With the numerous and distinct bosses in the many levels of the Tower in Let it Die, there are many screen clearing attacks he could have based off of them. You could potentially even finally have players battle the creature he strikes down at the top of the tower.

By Katy133 on Deviantart

So that’s my pitch for Uncle Death. Even as the roster continues to fill throughout the weeks, I’m sure that, if he wins this week, Uncle Death will stand as the most unique character on the roster, because he already nearly takes the title of the most unique character in all of the PlayStation exclusive roster.

Round 3: Fight!

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