Another week, another batch of games down. Already got another two in the works for the next few weeks as I get to dreaming with Media Molecules game Dreams and debating to step into the zombie apocalypse with Days Gone. On to the games I played these past two weeks!

Doki Doki Literature Club

Well, I’m not going to discuss this game too much in an attempt to avoid spoilers. I knew things weren’t what they seemed with this visual novel, and it proved to be true.

At first I was doubtful I would care. The idea of reading poems and determining your own with a selection of words wasn’t something I really had any interest in. Fortunately, that game goes places, and does so fairly quickly.

I also wasn’t expecting multiple endings. I went ahead and watched those playthroughs online and the way to get those is incredibly clever. I don’t know if I would have figured it out without looking online, so I’m glad I did as they felt worth it.

For those unaware of what this game ends up being – good. The less you know the better. I can see how the visual novel aspect with girls to potentially romance could turn people off, but it’s so much more than that. If you haven’t tried Doki Doki Literature Club yet, do it. It’s fantastic, short, flips expectations, and an all-around wonderful experience.

Ms. Splosion Man

This just isn’t a game clicking with me. After hearing about the two Splosion Man games last gen, I figured I would finally pick this up now that it’s out on Switch. But unfortunately, some aspects of the game just aren’t sitting well with me.

For example, I don’t really like the splosions themselves. Maybe it’s because of the lack of height or distance without the help of a canister, but it’s not satisfying. If anything, it made me yearn for a game like Celeste. I know it’s more recent (and my game of the year for 2018) but I feel like the splosions would benefit if treated like Madeline’s jumps and dashes.

By far the thing that annoyed me the most was the character of Ms. Splosion Man. I found myself cringing to her referencing song titles constantly, and quickly hearing the same ones on multiple occassions. While I like the design, the personality completely irritated me.

The level design didn’t seem terrible though. While, yes, there were lots of vertical walls to splode off of, they mixed in a multitude of ways to make it challenging as well along. My main complaint was that playing handheld on the Switch made seeing Ms. Splosion Man in certain areas (like the screenshot above) difficult to see based on the camera being zoomed out. I’m sure it makes it a tad challenging on a television, but in handheld mode I was having much more trouble especially during speedier moments.

I can see why people would like it, especially at the time it originally released. But there is just a few things about it that I can’t get over, and unfortunately they are things that will be with me for every second of that game.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Now this is (somewhat) my speed. While this game is probably more simple in multiplayer mode, I’ve played it in single player. That probably makes it more challenging, but the AI companion pulls its weight thankfully.

The game looks a little daunting in terms of managing the numerous options at hand such as the five different weapons, the shield, the thruster and the map. It feels similar to a game like Overcooked where paying attention at what is going on at every moment is important and strategizing the needs based on what is around you.

Adding in the upgrade mechanic was also a nice touch allowing for a number of ways to make things interesting. Gems can be applied to each device (minus the map) to allow for some really cool things. Inserting a metal gem to the thruster for instance will send out little spike mines behind you, while adding it to a weapon generates a mace like object to be swung at enemies. Mixing and matching leads to some interesting combinations, but it all comes down to what you find in the presents scattered around each level or after each level.

While the game takes place in space, there are a number of obstacles to overcome from patches of water that slows whatever comes in contact with it (or blocks projectiles) or gusty ice winds that make traversing a tad more punishing. The enemies make it more troublesome not only because of the attacks but by sheer numbers. You may be avoiding a school of piranha like creatures on one side of the ship, trying to prevent a flying saucer from laying mines out on another, or a giant insectoid spewing missiles on an undefended area. These wide array of things make the few instances to catch your breath worthwhile.

It’s also hard deny the cuteness factor of the game. From the color palette to the innocent cry of the animals you are tasked to rescue, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is adorable all around. Even the creature and boss designs are crafted well enough to look great while still being an imposing threat.

I am hard pressed to say anything negative about Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. I could see things being improved upon (such as having special abilities for each character), but even speaking about how the game is, I have had a blast playing it. If you enjoy couch co-op or just a fun single player experience, this is one to try out!

Justice League VR/Spider-Man Homecoming VR

Don’t waste your time. While the Spider-Man VR Experience is free, it’s also only about 5 or 10 minutes as you shoot some bottles, pull some wood planks down, and cause a web explosion on group of objects using your shooters. After that you shoot The Vultures’ wings a few times, stop a crane from falling, and credits. Not fun or engaging at all.

Justice League VR is a minigame compilation that is bad. For instance, as the Flash, you run down a subway total and tilt your head to run along walls to avoid objects. Wonder Woman has you using a sword and shield to stop parademons. Superman flies after parademons using his heat vision to fry them. Those are some examples of what you do. None work great, and an overly boring experience.

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