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Round 1: Josh Miller on behalf of The Hunter from Bloodborne

Bloodborne. An incredibly difficult game full of horror and despair. However, it is also one of the most beloved games on the PlayStation 4 and in the top games of all times for many folks. When looking back at this generation and great games, Bloodborne will certainly be included in that list.

That is one reason why Bloodborne should be recognized in a PlayStation All-Stars sequel. The Hunter has one of those designs that is very distinguished among other characters in PlayStation titles. The Victorian-era style mixed with an HP Lovecraft approach certainly helps it stand out.

Bloodborne is also full of weapons and items that could translate well into a sequel for PlayStation All-Stars. Whether it the saw cleaver, threaded cane, or even hunter axe; The Hunter has plenty at his disposal to attack enemies. This is even furthered by things such as molotovs, firearms, or items to add elemental buffs to the character.

The special moves could go many ways too. There are certain weapons in the game more powerful than others such as Ludwig’s Holy Blade or the Rifle Spear that could be attached to special attacks, but I think bringing in the terrors of Bloodborne would be better. Being able to summon another Hunter or even the Amygdala creature to attack from the background could prove awesome ways of getting rid of the competition.

It’s impossible to deny the impact games like Dark Souls has had on the industry. Even the original outing of Demon’s Souls was a PlayStation exclusive, but it was Bloodborne that won over players not fans of the Souls games previously. Denying The Hunter a roster spot would be a major oversight.

Round 2: Emmett Watkins Jr on behalf of Iota & Atoi from Tearaway

In this Showdown, we’ve already gotten plenty of representation for the Vita in the roster already, thanks to the addition of Chie and Kat. But I think we can do even better, and why not go back to Media Molecule, a developer who’s given us some of the most distinctive mascots of the last few PlayStation consoles. But we already have Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet Vita, so that leaves the paper crafted duo from the Vita (and PS4) platformer, Tearaway.

You take control of one of their characters, depending on if you want to play as a boy or girl, as you lead them through their epic quest to deliver a message to you, the player. If you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing it from picking it up or snagging it on PlayStation Plus on either platform, then you’d know just how incredibly charming the game is. Many characters touched my heart, from the crown wearing squirrel to the Bably Wendigo. But the main character(s) easily have the most diverse and unique moveset that’d be perfect for a fighting game.

Iota (or Atoi depending on which character skin you’d choose) could have a moves that play off of the fact his universe is entirely paper crafted. He could wield scissors, pencils, crayons, glue and other art supplies that his world is comprised of. Much like Ratchet and Clank’s suck cannon from the original All-Stars, Iota could use his accordion to suck up and shoot out enemies much like scraps from his own game. You could maybe even allow for Iota to spawn papercrafted assets from the Tearaway Universe, like summoning a jump bad much like Sackboy in the original All-Stars.

Supers have even more potential to impress, as they could take advantage of the many features of the PS4 (or maybe even PS5) to create endearingly gimmicky super moves. Imagine using the touchpad to physically reach you fingers into the match to knock out opponents during a level 3 super. And for lower level supers you could summon the Wendigo, in a move similar to Heihachi Mishima’s Bear, or rig around on the pig for a few seconds, similar to Parapa’s skateboard super.

So, make the right choice here! Don’t succumb to the darkness of gothic horror. Instead, get behind the adorableness of a Vita game so great, it got ported to Sony’s most successful console.

Round 3: Fight!

Who’s you backing in this match, The Hunter or Iota & Atoi?
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