Hello one and all, on this week’s edition of W.I.N we have album art for the show! Aside from that it’s a normal episode so Allan and Graydon talk about the following news stories:

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic coming to Steam
  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales having an optional 4K/60 FPS presentation mode
  • Phil Spencer not regretting taking a risk with Mixer
  • Game Pass will NOT be coming to other consoles
  • PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders Could Be Coming Soon
  • Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered Could Be Bound for March 2021
  • Rocket League Goes Free To Play!

In the VENN Delineation, the Network Trailer for VENN has been released and some G4 talk happens

In a new segment titled “Remember This?” the guys remember Soulcalibur IV

Then, in the Rumor Mill:

  • There are two next-gen Xbox Consoles but the Series S isn’t one of them
  • Tom Warren hints at the removal of Xbox Live Gold
  • Hideo Kojima has been in talks with Junji Ito regarding collaborating on a horror game

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