If you’ve ever played the episodic interactive adventure game Life Is Strange by Dontnod and Square Enix, you’re well aware of Max Caulfield. Though her story may be seemingly over in the video game franchise, Max’s voice actress Hannah Telle has said in a recent interview that she would love to come back and “Telle” her tale some more.

Speaking to Adnan Riaz for his new show, Player 1 vs The World, Telle talks about her connection to the game’s main protagonist. She reflects on the feelings she discovered while portraying such a complex character with even more complex powers, as well as the unique lessons she learned from working with other talented actors behind the scenes.

“I’ll never forget how thrilling and exciting, and also anxiety-ridden the whole process was for me. It was very exciting but scary to have that responsibility to make sure that I did the best job that I could.”

It’s apparent that Hannah Telle has a strong emotional attachment to Max, and for fans of the franchise, that’s terrific news. As she told Riaz, when she heard about Before the Storm bringing back the character she holds so dearly in her heart, she worried of the role being recast.

“I didn’t want anyone else to play her. I’m really close to Max. It’s selfish, but I don’t want anybody else to ever play her. I love her. I just need to see her story through to the end.”

She speaks from her soul about Max and the emotional impact she’s had on her life and her career. As she struggled to book significant work, she practically begged her agent to get her the reprise role in Life Is Strange‘s follow-up miniseries.

“When they cast somebody else to play Chloe, I thought they were gonna cast somebody else to play Max. I was distraught. I said please … tell them to cast me, I’ll do anything.”

Fortunately for her and the fans, she was cast as a younger Max, and got to see full closure on Caulfield’s story. Going on, she mentions the lasting effects Max has had on her own mental health, and her career in music, citing this role for a lot of what helped her through dark times in life.

But what lies ahead for season one’s heroines? Well if you ask Hannah Telle, it seems she’s thought pretty hard about a possible future, and it definitely includes her involvement.

“Wow! Anywhere. Anywhere that they would want her to be, I would be happy to play her. But if they wanted me to, like, help figure out where she might be, I just always saw Max going into music and playing in a band with Chloe — if you chosen in the game to stay together. I always just imagined them navigating the music scene together and also like Max would continue her photography with like photographing other bands around the scene. And I saw Chloe like doing tattoos… and just like them experiencing life in this bohemian music world. But then also navigating like the dark side of that. You know, because there is a dark side to the music world and there’s room for, I think, Max and Chloe to make a difference.”

If it’s any consolation, the Life Is Strange comics from Titan do explore a similar future, with the girls pursuing a path in music, and their hectic lives getting in the way of normalcy. As for the future of the game series, there’s rumblings about a third season, as well as a television series coming from Hulu. Meanwhile, Dontnod is releasing a new episodic game, Tell Me Why, on the 27th of August.

You can watch the full Hannah Telle interview on Player 1 vs. The World below, and for more news and reviews, stay tuned to VGU.

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