In this week’s episode of the Week In News podcast Graydon tries his hand at being the host. He and Allan run down the week in news:

  • Animal Crossing Sales Surge
  • The exclusivity of Marvel’s Avengers only begins with Spider-Man
  • Baldur’s Gate 3 Gets Pushed Back
  • Take-Two: “Next-Gen Price Hike Reflects Quality of Product”
  • Pikmin 3 Is Coming To the Switch
  • Microsoft Squashes Rumors Of Free Xbox Live Multiplayer
  • Chris Redfield Was Almost Blonde In RE7
  • Rocksteady’s Next Game Is Suicide Squad

Allan gives his opinion of VENN’s first beta week of programming and then talks about the G4 Casting Call that he won’t be applying for

In “Remember This?” the guys talk about Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons which leads to talk about Josef Fares and his fame

In the rumor mill the guys talk about Josh Sawyer’s unannounced Obsidian game and the exodus of the “Aeon Must Die” developers and the trailer which they had no participation in whatsoever

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