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Super Mario Party

Disappointing Games Roundtable
Credit: Nintendo

They call me the Contrarian American,” however when racking my brain to find a game that genuinely disappointed me this generation… I came up short. Sure, games irritate me all the time! Halo drew my ire for almost the whole generation until I learned to love it in recent years. I thought of Arkham Origins Blackgate and how that shat all over a beloved franchise – but that was the last generation. I recall how disappointed I was when I preordered Nioh, only to find it was a Soulslike and I had been duped. But then I felt like a real idiot when all I had to do was watch a minute of gameplay to know that. Instead, I just preordered it on the basis alone of Japanese ghost culture.

So yeah, I disappoint myself a lot when it comes to video games. But I think there’s one big disappointing game that comes to mind on everyone’s list, and calling it “last generation” may be cheating, considering the Switch generation continues. But guys? We need to talk about Super Mario Party.

Credit: Nintendo

Remember how awesome it was when we learned about a new Mario Party coming to arguably Nintendo’s best console ever? The Switch completely reinvented how we play games with new innovations in motion controls and playing with others. SO of course the definitive party game experience coming to Switch would earn it the title of “Best Switch Game Ever,” right?

Well actually, the game was subpar. Sure, there’s the largest roster of any Mario Party game, three-party modes – not including free play – and 80 minigames. But then the game just kind of… died. You couldn’t play the standard board game online, which took a lot of the “party” aspect away, at least in modern-day terminology. Also, speaking of modern-day, there was no post-launch content! You could’ve turned Super Mario Party into the best installment by filling it with DLC characters and minigames. But you didn’t, Nintendo. Instead, you watched as the player base faded, and now it’s not even one of the games people bring out at parties. It’s just that “well, I have Mario Party” game you trudge out when people come over too late, and the restaurants are closed, and there are no good movies out.

Ask yourself, how many times have you played Super Mario Party in 2020 – a time where you’ve been forced to stay home with people?
Yep. Disappointing.

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  1. pungello1988

    Fallout 4 was definitely the most disappointing game this gen for me. Andromeda was coming off of ME3’s terrible ending so I wasn’t expecting it to be good (and it wasn’t) but I was PUMPED for Fallout 4 and it was so thoroughly meh. Fallout 76 was even worse…


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