*Eminem Voice* ReMeMbEr mE?

That’s right, it’s about damn time I got back to finishing this show. This, of course, is Keepin’ It 💯, the podcast where I, Emmett Watkins Jr, try to rank my top 100 games of all time. Way back in June of 2020, I finally finished that ranking and promised to come back and reveal the final ranked list. Well, it took way longer than I (expected thanks 2020), but I’m finally ready to reveal the final list in a special video episode!

But before we do that, let’s kick the wheels on this series one more time and wake it up before wrapping it up. There are dozens of games that I love that aren’t on the final list, 100 of them in fact. So, let’s take this time to go through those other games that were left on the cutting room floor when making the list. I don’t apologize for any of the hot takes heard in this episode.

As for when I mentioned at the end, stay tuned to the VGU.TV Twitter for the series of tweets to win the games I’ve listed. I’ll send out codes upon the premier of the full list in the coming days.

And once again, thank you for listening and supporting not only this series but everything else on VGU.TV and everything thing else I do. The fact that anyone cares blows me away and encourages me to do right by every single one of you.

You can listen to the show on iTunesSpotifyPocket CastsGoogle Podcasts, on this article, and more!

See you all at the finale!

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