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Final Fantasy VII Remake (E3 2015)

Credit: PushSquare

For years, Final Fantasy VII fans have wanted one thing. A remake. We wanted one of our favorite games of all time to no longer have the ugly aesthetic that aged poorly along with the inconsistent character models. We were teased with the tech demo for the PlayStation 3. More frustratingly, we were let down by the 2014 PlayStation Experience trolling of the PC port. That changed with the 2015 Sony E3 Press Conference.

You can sense it in the air as Adam Boyes starts referencing Final Fantasy VII and the “treat” PlayStation has for everyone. As the ominous voiceover booms over scenes of what is clearly Midgar, and the music starts tinkling in slowly, I could feel my heart start racing. These madmen were finally doing it. This wasn’t a tease, right? These beautiful scenes that look like a current-gen game weren’t going to be a rug pulled from under us. We see a crowd shot and as footsteps get louder, we see a man with a Gatling gun for an arm step out from the foreground followed by a man with an obnoxiously large sword. At last, the promise has been made. Final Fantasy VII REMAKE. When the word remake appears on the screen, the crowd erupts. Years of pent up dreams and frustrations can finally be expelled.

I have no way of properly detailing the feeling I had that day. No other game trailer pushed me emotionally as that one did in a personal way. The easiest way for me to describe how I felt and everyone else who loves that game felt is to post the reaction video below. You can see the full spectrum of emotions that they go through. Some have said it doesn’t feel genuine and that it’s overblown because they are on video. I know better. Because I sat home alone and had the exact same reactions. This is why Final Fantasy VII Remake is the trailer that blew me away.

Credit: Game Trailers aka Easy Allies

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