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Dino Crisis (1999-2003)

Dino Crisis
Credit: Capcom

You really thought I’d go with Dead Island, didn’t you? “Oh, Graydon’s gonna choose Dead Island because it’s a ‘franchise’ that died before it even began!” Well the jokes on you, because Dead Island 2 is more alive than ever, and I’m here to talk about a game that truly may never ride again: Dino Crisis.

I’m sure you all remember this terrifying little gem from the original PlayStation games. In a similar style of Resident Evil, players took on the role of Regina, a redhead on a mission to save some doctor from a facility full of dinosaurs. Actually, I don’t think she knew going in that there were dinosaurs involved. It was kind of a surprise to us all, but wasn’t that fun? Remember getting chased through small corridors with horrible camera angles, desperately racing to find a safe room or some kind of heavy ammo to obliterate the giant lizards? God, those were the days.

Sadly, Dino Crisis got worse as the years went on. So bad, in fact, that I never even played its sequels. 2000 brought Dino Crisis 2, and 2003 ended the series with Dino Crisis 3. You didn’t even notice I skipped 2002’s Dino Stalker, because nobody knew that game existed until I just said it. Essentially, the Dino Crisis name has been dormant for quite some time following a few lackluster installments. And a mobile game. But with Capcom renewing the trademark recently and many fans hoping for years in the making, a new game – or at least a remaster – could be right around the corner. So could a dinosaur, so always check your corners.

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