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Injustice 3 is Announced with a Trailer, Spring 2022 Release

Since the bankruptcy of Midway Games in 2009, and its acquisition by Warner Brothers the same year; Netherrealm Studios have released a new game in April/May every other year since 2011. Like most things though, COVID threw a wrench in things in 2020. So my expectation for E3? We see their belated next game, expected to also release in April or May 2022 and it follows the same pattern of title switch off…and Injustice 3 is announced.

Now, I hesitated to put Injustice 3 thinking it was possible it could be revealed at DC Fandome in October. However, Ed Boon likes to take his time feeding out information for his games. So I’m going out on a limb and we see the initial trailer during E3. Maybe a few characters and hinting of the story (say…Nekron or The Batman Who Laughs will be the big bad) and a Spring 2022 release date. I speculate it will eventually be dropped in April or May, but that will be one thing saved for DC Fandome.

The team at Netherrealm can’t possibly be twiddling their thumbs. They always have something in the works and it’s well past time for their next game to be revealed. Based on their track record though, I think the safe bet would be Injustice 3 with a sprinkling of information each month until its release day.

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