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Amsterdam 1666 is Brought Back from the Dead

Every year around E3, I bust out my list of things I hope to see. Scratch that, things I’ve hoped to see for many years now. In no apparent order, they include A new Arkham game. A new Syphon Filter. Whatever happened to Wild? What if they brought back Agent? Deep Down? Silent Hills? Saints Row 5? Dead Island 2… again?!

My mind never stops racing, and because of this, I have too many ideas. So while I sit here thinking about my biggest E3 wish, I can’t help but think of the more obvious ones. I’m pretty sure we’ll get a release date for 12 Minutes. I’d even put money on a release date for The Wolf Among Us Season 2. Hell, I’d even bet Josh that he’s right about Injustice 3. There are just so many games that could be real or are right around the corner, and we are on the cusp of having our whole lives changed.

Credit: Panache Digital

But you know what would blow my mind? A true reveal of Amsterdam 1666. Yeah, I said it. Y’all remember Amsterdam? It was set to be the next big game by original Assassin’s Creed director Patrice Desilets; a horror game about the devil set in ye olden days. But then THQ had to go under, and after quite a large battle involving lots of money – and probably a lawsuit somewhere – Desilets got the rights to his baby back.

Now it’s supposedly in development at Panache Digital, where a small team of 35 people made 2019’s Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, and they fully intend to bring Amsterdam 1666 back to life. Sadly it won’t have the AAA budget of THQ or Ubisoft behind it, but I still believe in the passion Desilets shows for this title. I think it could be something magical and terrifying, and I would love to see what dreams that man holds within his creative mind.

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