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Saints Row V is Finally Revealed

A long, long time ago, way back in 2020, the official Saints Row Twitter account confirmed, finally, that a new game in the franchise was in development. Now, we did just get a remaster of Saints Row 3 last year, and a next-gen upgrade for it just released as well. But the last standalone entry in the series, Gat Outta Hell, came out all the way back in 2015, and the last mainline entry came out 2 years before that. It’s effectively been an entire console generation since we’ve had a numbered Saints Row game and considering Grand Theft Auto has been hibernating a well, the genre of open-world crime games has been bare the last few years. So, I think the timing is perfect to reveal a brand new Saints Row game upon the world.

Credit: Steam – Saints Row IV

With the game seemingly having been worked on for several years now, its reveal is imminent, so expecting it to be revealed this year isn’t much of a stretch. However, a bigger question would be what the game actually is. After the jump-the-shark moment that was my beloved Saints Row IV, it seemed like Volition had no way to make the series more ridiculous. Because of this, there was a rumor that the next game would be more of a sequel to Saints Row The Third, with the fourth game being chalked up as an in-universe TV show. This rumor was shot down by publisher Deep Silver, but I can’t help be find a more grounded title more appealing.

Credit: Steam – Saints Row 2

Despite how much I love Saints Row IV, my second favorite in the series is Saints Row 2. Its main storyline was grounded and had plenty of brutal and emotional moments. But its wacky side characters and world-injected the more over-the-top humor that the series would later be defined by. Striking that balance once again might be the perfect thing to get those turned off by the goofiness of later games back into the series. And for those like me who are content with the ridiculousness of the last game, it’d be a refreshing change of pace. Here’s hoping they make the necessary changes and come out with the next entry sooner rather than later. Because with GTA 6 trending on Twitter every other month, I’m sure we’d all gladly eat up a new modern open-world crime game.

There you have it, our expectations for this year’s E3 showcase. I personally feel good about our expectations. What about you guys reading this? Comment below what your E3 expectation is.

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