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Today, Emmett Watkins Jr is back and this time he’s back with some new and old voices! Our own Graydon Webb is back once again and Uppercut’s & Upcomer’s own Ty Galiz-Rowe (☑) joins us for the first time! In this episode, we’ve all gathered to talk a lil bit about the indie games of E3 2021 and the press conferences and presentations in which we expect to see them. Will we finally get a She Dreams Elsewhere release date today? Will we mean more about Soup Pot and Lake? Will The Wholesome Games Showcase blow all of us away? Who knows, but we’ll definitely talk about it!

But first, in the Whatcha Playin segment, Ty talks about their time with Mass Effect Legendary Edition and Overboard, Graydon talks about his time with Observation and Night Call, and Emmett talks about his time with Days Gone and Virtua Fighter 5.

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