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It Takes Two

It Takes Two - Top Games of 2021
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Without a doubt, It Takes Two is my favorite game of 2021 so far. If you know me, this should come as no surprise, for I’ve been a fanboy of Josef Fares and his team at Hazelight for many years. With games like Brothers and A Way Out, Mr. Fares has supplied the world of gaming with beautiful couch co-op experiences spanning multiple console generations. With this latest release, he’s put all his creativity into a quirky love story that tugs on the heartstrings and gives you a run for your money.

If you haven’t played It Takes Two yet, well, I highly suggest you give it a shot. I further stress my point if you have a gaming buddy to recruit, as the game is built from the ground up for cooperative play. It even offers a free friend pass, allowing just one copy of the game to be purchased in order for two people to play. It Takes Two follows a soon-to-be-divorced couple who are shrunken down and turned into dolls by one of their daughter’s books in an effort to save their marriage. Players must take control of the bickering spouses and fight their way through countless puzzles in order to get their normal lives back.

It Takes Two 2
Credit: Hazelight Studios

The game is surprisingly hefty, with a considerable base runtime and quite a few mini-game puzzles to discover. I’ve yet to even beat the game, but my sister and I have been having a blast all year as we slowly chug along. The game is breathtakingly gorgeous, and it’s as humorous as it is emotional. One scene, in particular, has you doing something so horrible to a stuffed animal I can’t even begin to describe it, yet it’s handled in a way that’s both comical and gruesome.

It Takes Two is an ambitious success, taking a concept that feels rather simple and delivering a finished product with so much detail, polish, and genuine passion that it’s guaranteed to stick with me for years to come. Josef Fares has a real masterpiece in his hands with this one, and it just may remain my game of the year.

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