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Battleborn – “Fitzpleasure” (by alt-J)

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I actually thought of doing this revisited roundtable shortly after the last of its kind. There’s always been this other song in the back of my mind that consistently makes me think of a video game trailer. While yes, I could do a second pick about Pigeon John’s “The Bomb” in Dead Island 2’s reveal trailer (because that was so iconic). But I think you’ll be shocked to find which game made me rethink this whole thing.

In 2015, a little game called Battleborn was announced. It was released the following year to “okay” ratings from most critics, but across the sea of players, it was a fairly large letdown. The problem with Battleborn was its hero shooter-Esque paint job while actually being a first-person MOBA under the covers. Most players came from Overwatch to try it and unfortunately found a League of Legends type game instead. This genre discrepancy ultimately caused the game’s declining player base and subsequent shut down five years later. Battleborn is now rendered unplayable, but what lives on is the incredible trailer from E3 2015.

It was this trailer that introduced me to alt-J, one of the most unique sounds I’ve ever heard in music. The song “Fitzpleasure” is used to display Battleborn’s colorful characters, and alt-J’s trippy vocals and nonsensical lyrics perfectly showcase the game’s unusual style. I instantly fell in love with this song and alongside tunes like “The Bomb” and Mike Oldfield’s “Nuclear” from the Metal Gear Solid V trailer, these tunes made for an incredible time period of video game trailer music. Perhaps I should’ve just called this selection “E3 2014-2015,” as a lot of that music was insane. What a time to be alive! But yes, “Fitzpleasure” lives on in my heart – and my Spotify playlist – and it’s all thanks to Gearbox’s failed experiment.

What is your favorite piece of video game trailer music? Sound off in the comments below!

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