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Sleeping Dogs

Who Wouldn't Want A Sequel to Sleepy Dogs?
Credit: Square Enix and United Front Games

We were close at least with this one! One of the best gems from the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3, Sleeping Dogs is a beloved cult classic. However, despite selling well enough to cover development costs (good ole Square Enix and those unreasonable expectations), the game itself was deemed a failure. Thus, the planned sequel and all of the interesting ideas behind it were scrapped. Even the spin-off Triad Wars never saw the light of day.

While there are plenty of games I would love to see a sequel for, Sleeping Dogs is easily up there as one of my most wanted. I was more interested in the characters, story, and setting than any Grand Theft Auto game, and I found the mechanics leap and bounds better. Not relying on firearms (mostly) was so smart and really highlighted the Batman-esque combat while utilizing the environment in clever ways. Tying in an experience system based on your actions and ways of playing was the icing on an already sweet cake.

Sleeping Dogs is just one of the many games released from that generation that deserves not only more love but a sequel. It still stands out as one of the best games in that genre and I will sing the praises of good ole “sleepy dog” anytime. Sadly, since this game was released, developer United Front Games has been shuttered. So maybe a sequel wouldn’t hit the same way. But my god, I would love to play as Wei Shen again in Hong Kong. At the very least, we still have the film adaptation to look forward to, right?

Josh's Desire for a Sleeping Dogs Sequel
Credit: Square Enix and United Front Games

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