These games were intended to be scary to the point that they would instill the fear of God into us as gamers, however, they didn’t quite achieve the goal of being the end-all scary game.

Ever since the origin of video games as a storytelling medium, there have been games that gave us nightmares such as Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, Silent Hill, and many more. However, there have been games that had that goal in mind but didn’t quite achieve the goal it set out to due to either a fault of the game or a loophole discovered by someone playing the game.

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The Evil Within 2 (2017)

Was The Evil Within 2 Scary?
Credit: Bethesda

Let me just get this out right now, The Evil Within 2 is one of my favorite games of the past five years. I’m sure that when people saw that Shinji Mikami was not going to be the director of The Evil Within 2 they probably shared my reaction of “thank god!” Replacing him would be John Johanas who had worked on the much-praised pieces of downloadable content for the first Evil Within game.

When I first started getting hyped for Evil Within 2 I was worried it was going to be a gruesome game. More so than the first game based on the change in look from Evil Within to Evil Within 2. While there were scary moments in the first game, TEW2 felt more like the original Resident Evil 2 as a result of an increase in ammo and feeling like you had the ability to destroy any enemy you could possibly run into. There is a particular scene that sums up how I played TEW2, Sebastian had to go into an underground area and wasn’t able to use any firearms due to combustible gases so as Sebastian I was sneaking through the underground area when I (you experience this area in first-person point of view by the way) ran into a nightmare creature who will grab you and hit you. I just so happened to have an absurd amount of knives so I just spammed the right trigger and just like that, the enemy was defeated.

My comparison of TEW2 to RE2 is more along the lines of “these games are very similar”. After playing through The Evil Within 2 I also got the feeling that despite its predecessor’s attempt at horror, being scary, and art style, the refresh that was so desperately needed was to ironically become Resident Evil 4.

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