You ready for this, Playa?

Thatā€™s right, MORE Game of the Year podcasts! Today you’re getting Emmett Watkins Jr, Allan Muir, Josh Miller, and Graydon Webb all reuniting to hash out about 5 different categories. Come hear us spoil several of 2021ā€™s best games!

In this episode, we decide our winners of the following categories:

  • Biggest Disappointment
  • Best Narrative: Sponsored by Tell Me Why
  • Best Character
  • Best Indie Game

SPOILER WARNING! We do get into some spoilers for Life is Strange: True Colors, The Forgotten City, and Unpacking. Timestamps can be found below if you would like to avoid those sections:

Unpacking Spoilers: 1:15:00-1:17:05
Life is Strange: True Colors Spoilers: 1:23:10-1:31:26
The Forgotten City Spoilers: 1:57:09-2:08:00

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