You ready for this, Playa?

That’s right, MORE Game of the Year podcasts! Today you’re getting Emmett Watkins Jr, Allan Muir, Josh Miller, and Graydon Webb all reuniting to hash out about 5 different categories. Come hear us spoil several of 2021’s best games!

In this episode, we decide our winners of the following categories:

  • Biggest Disappointment
  • Best Narrative: Sponsored by Tell Me Why
  • Best Character
  • Best Indie Game

SPOILER WARNING! We do get into some spoilers for Life is Strange: True Colors, The Forgotten City, and Unpacking. Timestamps can be found below if you would like to avoid those sections:

Unpacking Spoilers: 1:15:00-1:17:05
Life is Strange: True Colors Spoilers: 1:23:10-1:31:26
The Forgotten City Spoilers: 1:57:09-2:08:00

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