You ready for this, Playa?

Welcome to The Player’s Club once again! This week,  Emmett Watkins Jr, Allan Muir, Josh Miller, and Graydon Webb all link back up for a jammed-packed episode. Were talking about the Bundle for Ukraine, a bundle of DRM free PC games with over 900 titles. We go over a handful of them and send out some recommendations as well. We even lump in a few indies from the massive indie sale happening on the PlayStation Store as well. There is a load of great picks here, so hopefully, we turn you all on to a few!

And after that (surprise! we swapped the segments around a bit), Josh talks about his time with Elden Ring and WWE 2K22, Al talks about their time with WWE 2K22 and Pokemon Legends Arceus, and Emmett talks about his time with Amid Evil, HROT, Ion Fury, Dread Templar, and Horizon: Forbidden West.

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