Allan actually did more than the bare minimum when it came to editing the podcast…

On this week’s episode of WiN:

*Sony’s GamePass Alternative Is Here!

**”Ori” Developer Dropped By Microsoft After Toxic Workplace Emerges/***Undead Labs In Similar Situation/State of Decay 3 Put On Hold

Gamers Unite For Ukraine

Hogwarts Legacy Details Revealed

Netflix Acquires 3rd Gaming Studio

We’re All Horny On Main For Brenda Song In “The Quarry” From Supermassive

Gotta Cover Them All, Pokemon!

****Pokemon Live Gets A Documentary On How Pikachu Nearly Took Broadway 

Pokemon Home Getting Support For BDSP/Arceus?

The Star Wars Update

Lego Skywalker Saga Loses Customization 

Lego Star Wars Dioramas Have Us Interested

Rumor Windmill

Skate 4 Being Playtested On Origin As We Speak? Are We Returning To BioShock Infinite Anytime Soon? Dreams Coming To PS5? Gex Returning From The Dead?

*- Player’s Club Podcast Featuring Al and Emmett talking about PlayStation Spartacus

**- Senator’s Opposed To Microsoft’s Acquisition of Activision Blizzard

***- Al and Emmett Talk About State of Decay Being A Good Template for A Walking Dead Game

****- Pokemon Live 20th Anniversary Restoration Film

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