You ready for this, Playa?

Welcome back to the Player’s Club! This week, Emmett Watkins Jr is joined by returning guest Mario Piacquadio to talk about all of the great games we’ve gotten so far in the first quarter of 2022. We go over everything from Elden Ring and Kirby to Winjammers 2 and Deep Rock Galactic. We go over nearly all of it, and it does indeed take a WHILE.

Then later, in the Whatcha Playin segment, Emmett talks about his time with Wavetale and There is No Game: Wrong Dimension and Mario talks about his time with Bloodborne.

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Topic of the Show:
3:03 – January Games
35:19 – February Games
1:16:30 – March Games
1:33:54 – Rest of 2022

Whatcha Playin:
1:45:15 Wavetale
1:48:58 There is No Game: Wrong Dimension
1:53:49 Bloodborne

Housekeeping (1:57:27)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Republic Heroes Part 38: Vaapad and Soresu vs Makashi

Allan Really Hated This! – VGU Plays Castle of Illusion (Starring Mickey Mouse)

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