You ready for this, Playa?
Welcome back to the Players Club! This week, Emmett Watkins Jr is joined by a special guest! Kevin Diaz from PlayStation Source and Unlocking Kingdom Hearts is here to talk all about the NEW PlayStation Plus! After months of speculating on the new service on the show, it’s about time we talked about the actual service now that it’s here. So, we do! We talk about everything from PS3 streaming to the catalog of PS4 and PS5 games, so listen up if you wanna hear what we think!

And later, in the Whatcha Playin segment, Kevin talks about his time with Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Neon White while Emmett talks about his time with Legend of Kay: Anniversary and Gunfire Reborn.

Topic of the Show: The NEW PS+ 6:10
Whatcha Playin 1:11:16
Legend of Kay: Anniversary 1:12:04
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days 1:20:02
Gunfire Reborn 1:28:32
Neon White 1:37:29
Housekeeping 1:53:01

For links and an audio version, check out the site!

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