A soft reboot of the WiN podcast… Let’s see how it goes don’t you think?

Allan and Graydon are back! After returning from a hiatus the WiN team went right back into a hiatus and Al decided to soft-reboot the show by eliminating the upcoming releases segment from the show making the show now all about the news. Al talks about the Lost Media rabbit hole they fell down while simultaneously “insulting” Graydon by assuming he would be a fan of The Lake House. What does The Lake House have to do with this episode you may ask? Click that listen button and find out!



Paul Bertone Joins 343 Industries

343 Working With Modders To Restore Infamous E3 Halo 2 Demo

Bio-Mutant Receiving Upgrades In September

Robocop and Terminator Getting New Games

Red Dead Online Gets Left Behind In Favor Of GTA VI

Matrix-Unreal Demo Getting Delisted Tomorrow (PSN Download Link/Xbox Download Link)

She-Hulk Coming To Marvel’s Avengers Soon

God of War: Ragnarok Releasing This Year After All

Sources: Kotaku, Eurogamer


Pokemon Gen 9 To Have Time Travel?

How Gen 9 Could Work

The Pokemon Company Printed Nine Billion Pokemon Cards Over Two Years, Market Price Dying Down

Sources: CBR, GameRant, NintendoLIfe

Rumor Mill:

Skate 4 Cracked?

Crystal Dynamics Cover Photo Raising Eyebrows?

GameFreak Trademarks Character From Debut Game

Source: Reddit

We Need To Talk About This:
Kazuki Takahashi Tragically Dies At 60

Source: Kotaku

Mentioned: VGU GotY 2012 Podcast

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