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LEGO Xbox Heroes and LEGO Twilight

Initially, I had this idea for something grand; something no one else could ever imagine. I wanted a LEGO game based on all the properties Xbox has to offer. I called it “LEGO Xbox Heroes,” and it combined things like the real-life Mega Construx Halo sets with made-up concepts like Gears of War and Hellblade. Basically, they’d be mini vignettes of their respective games, spread amongst five LEGO chapters. There could maybe be secret retro levels, like Banjo Kazooie and Gex; you know, typical LEGO fare. However, the licensing of such a monstrosity would be a nightmare! So… let’s get to the real LEGO game we’d all like to see: LEGO The Twilight Saga!

Lego Xbox and Lego Twilight
Credit: LEGO Ideas/Pinterest

Yes, you read that right. I’m talking about everyone’s favorite punching bag, the old teenage romance novel-turned-film series about vampires, werewolves, and CGI babies. After finally indulging in the franchise while quarantining with COVID in April, I found myself falling in love with not only the story overall, but the characters, the action, and the drama. Twilight is a damn good series – there I said it.

Fangirling aside, I would really love to see Twilight get the LEGO treatment. It seems so easy to take an epic film franchise like Pirates of the Caribbean or Star Wars or Lord of the Rings and turn it into a humorous, family-friendly game about slapstick comedy and busting things open for sweet, sweet studs. Why should Twilight be treated any different than those other blockbusters? With five movies to play through and the possibility of DLC characters from Fifty Shades of Grey to Stephenie Meyer herself, the possibilities are endless here! Sure, it may be a little past its time at this point, but The Twilight Saga still has enough fans to push many, many copies of this brilliant game.

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