Multiversus Match 2

To learn more about the Multiversus Roster Showdown, check out the introduction post here.

Contender 1: Space Ghost

Multiversus Space Ghost 2
Credit: Alex Ross and DC Comics

Our first superhero up to the battle is the late-night space flight one himself – Space Ghost. While he has definitely been around longer than our second hero, you’d be hard-pressed to say he was more popular. But don’t let fame fool you. He has the moves and enough popularity to make him a viable pick for a roster spot.

First off, his move-set could work decently given it can match what is already in the game. His flight and super-strength can be similar to Superman, his power bands can shoot energy beams as projectiles ala Garnet, and being a talk-show host, can even use speech bubbles like Velma. Add in teleportation and invisibility and his fighting chance grows even more.

Now, usually, I try to bring in different skins here. That might be a bit more difficult. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a varying degree of alternate skins for him. The one that comes to mind is his brother Chad Ghostal. So instead, let me say they should bring his Coast to Coast set from Ghost Planet as a stage along with some planet locations from the original show.

Multiversus Coast to Coast
Credit: Space Ghost Coast to Coast

As I mentioned, Space Ghost probably isn’t as well known as the hero below. However, I would argue his show (at least Coast to Coast) is more beloved by his fans and holds up better. In my opinion, Space ghost is not only a great design and personality but would be an interesting choice for the game too. Imagine him as the commentator at the very least!

Contender 2: Captain Planet

Multiversus Planeteers
Credit: DIC and Hanna-Barbera

Considering the trajectory our planet is on, Captain Planet makes not only a good fighter for Multiversus but a good role model for kids nowadays. Our planet is dying, and it’s time we had a hero. One is to take pollution down to zero. While he is at it, take out the trash that is the other characters in this game. Starting with Space Ghost.

As a fighter, Captain Planet has a lot at his disposal. Being powered by the planet herself, he is a force (of nature) to be reckoned with. He can use both fire and water as projectiles, and even do the same with lightning (or maybe call it down like Pikachu in Smash). Like Shaggy grabbing a sandwich, he can pull out chunks of rock or lock people in place with his magnet powers. Captain Planet could wreck shop.

While I have no interest in seeing any of the Planeteers in the game, there are two main skins I would love. The first is a classic – Don Cheadle as Captain Planet. It’s too legendary at this point not to include it. The other is Captain Pollution, the evil clone of Captain Planet. Or better yet, a mix of the two. Give me Don Cheadle Captain Pollution. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t love to see it!

Multiversus Captain Planet
Credit: DIC and Hanna-Barbera

He may be long gone from the consciousness of most people under the age of 25, but Captain Planet would still be an excellent character for Multiversus. Not only does he reinforce a positive message, but he is a great nostalgia pick as well. The cartoon itself probably doesn’t hold up, but the love for the character among people who saw it certainly does.


Credit: WB Interactive Entertainment and Player First Games

And there we have it, the next contenders for the Multiversus Roster Showdown. Vote for whomever you would love to see in the game over on our Twitter post embedded below and come back next week for the next round of fighters!

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