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Justice Society of America – Developed by Telltale Games

DC Comics JSA
Credit: DC Comics and Alex Ross

If there is one thing that can be said of me, it’s that I am a huge fan of the Justice Society. The golden age of comics saw DC’s B and C-tiered heroes form a team that would be more of a family than a job when compared to the Justice League. The team would consist of characters such as Jay Garrick, Alan Scott, Ted Grant, Wesley Dodds, and more. More recently the JSA has been featured prominently on the CW Series Stargirl.

While there are probably other developers that could make a JSA game in the style of Marvel Ultimate Alliance, DC’s track record with those type of games aren’t exactly the best. Take Justice League: Legends or Young Justice: Legacy for instance. That’s why in my heart of hearts I’d want a developer like Telltale Games to tell a different type of JSA story. There are plenty of storylines to choose from such as the infamous “Golden Age” story which is not worth spoiling.

While Batman: The Telltale Series wasn’t a commercial success its sequel was promising. In fact, it was proof that Telltale was evolving and could have recovered from the rut they were in.

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