You ready for this, Playa?

Welcome back to the Club! This week, Emmett Watkins Jr and Allan Muir are back to give the most expected eulogy of all time, as Google Stadia has finally bit the dust. Come January of next year, the service will no longer exist, so both Emmett and Al (but mostly Emmett) look back at what the service was and why it died. Then they also look at other gaming services that have met their demise well before their time, like Onlive and PlayStation Home.

Also, in the Whatcha Playin segment, Al talks about their time with Skyrim and Dead Space while Emmett talks about his time with Father Forgive Me and Elden Ring.

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  • TOTS: RIP Stadia 17:32
  • OnLive 39:51
  • PlayStation Home 54:10
  • Virtual Console 1:03:58
  • Sony Rewards w/ Trophies 1:22:33
  • Whatcha Playin 1:32:01
  • Father Forgive Me 1:32:24
  • Dead Space 1:40:56
  • Elden Ring 1:59:52
  • Skyrim 2:09:39
  • Housekeeping 2:12:57


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