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Contender 1: Buena Girl

It was hard to determine which character from Mucha Lucha! to bring over for the showdown, but ultimately, I went with Buena Girl. I’ve always liked her look and determination, and she always felt the most bright of the main characters. Mucha Lucha! also provided plenty of fun that could translate well into a game like MultiVersus, starting with the move-set.

Much like Jake from Adventure Time, Buena Girl could use a range of transformations to her advantage. For example, changing into the Bulldozer of Truth and being a horizontal attack similar to Jake’s attack as a horse. Likewise, instead of changing into a house as a down smash, she could be more pinpointed as the Spear of Justice. Add in attacks for her other transformations such as the Mayan Skull of Truth, Jolt of Justice, Pounding Drill of Power, and so much more; Buena Girl has plenty in her arsenal to be a compelling and fun fighter.

Costume wise, she has maintained her look. However, there is some fun to be had outside of simple color swaps. For instance, why not give her real world lucha costumes? Rey Mysterio, Mistico, Hayabusa, or even La Parka are some examples. Prior to the show, she was intended to have a cape, so put that as an option too. Even bring back the look from the pilot where she had a specific color and sharp teeth for a nice wink and nod to fans. There’s fun to be had with luchador costumes, and Player First Games could find ways to make alternate skins worth owning.

While Mucha Lucha! may not have been the most popular or remembered show from Kids WB or Cartoon Network, it certainly stands out. There was nothing quite like it. Buena Girl is a perfect character to use from the show, and would fit in MultiVersus quite wonderfully. The question is, can she win out over the loon that is her opponent….

Contender 2: Freakazoid

Next up, the super teen extraordinaire – Freakazoid. Yes, Freakazoid. This 4th-wall breaking loon created by the minds that brought you the animated Batman and Superman shows would be another great fit for MultiVersus. His distinctive look mixed with his over-the-top toon personality opens up a lot of fun on the inclusion front, and one that Player First Games could capitalize on wonderfully.

Freakazoid has a few strengths that can be exploited in MultiVersus. While he does have strength and speed worth capitalizing on in different ways, the majority of his moves can share similarities to Bugs Bunny. He is a more slapstick superhero, and he utilizes what some people call “the toon force” to his advantage. For example, he pulls things out of his “hammerspace”, a location where he can access anything to use for comedic effect…or in this effect: battles. So whether it hammers, anvils, banana peels, whatever; Player First Games can have fun with the toon force in this respect. Much like a Looney Toon, nothing is impossible for Freakazoid.

For alternate skins, the trouble comes from his show not doing much in that regard, plus it was only a few seasons. However, he has appeared on The Powerpuff Girls and Teen Titans Go!, so those styles could be included. There is Armondo Gutierrez as well, a villain for Freakazoid that at one time gained powers as well…and a very similar look. Being so heavily toon-centric, there’s really no reason he can’t be experimented with in terms of look. God knows he wouldn’t mind.

Freakazoid is the weird cross of the beloved superheroes on WB’s bench along with the cartoon craziness that has deep roots in their catalogue. This is just one of many reasons he works so well for MultiVersus. He can be considered the missing link between those characters, and had I thought about this before our final boss article dropped, he could even be a great and logical threat as well for all of these other characters.

As we grow closer to the finish line of this MultiVersus Roster Showdown, it’s important to remember: VOTE! So check out the poll embedded below and let us know which character you would love to see more – Buena Girl or Freakazoid – in MultiVersus.

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