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Contender 1: Pennywise the Dancing Clown

When you think of Warner Bros. clowns, your mind probably goes right to the clown prince of crime: The Joker himself. But what about that other big-shoed, goofy-smirked eater of dreams and bringer of nightmares? Oh wait, The Joker is a bit more forgiving than that. Pennywise, on the other hand, doesn’t care at all how loud you scream. In fact, screams are kind of his lifeblood! So how would this demonic entity fare amongst the Multiversus pantheon? Let’s find out!

As stated before, Pennywise is a dark force which feasts on the fears of children, brought to life in the form of a carefree dancing clown. He’s got razor sharp teeth, brute strength, and a plethora of balloons! Not to mention, he can basically conjure any fear you can possibly think of. While his basic skills could make for some great attacks and recovery moves, it’s the latter – that fear-conjuring thing – that draws me to him. I’m picturing some incredible special moves where Pennywise would bring to life some character-specific boggart (if you will), depending on who he’s looking at. This could make for extremely varied gameplay, as well as a fun surprise every round!

Pennywise also brings some great skin offerings to the table. Not only could he embody the latest iteration, portrayed by Bill Skarsgård in both 2017’s It and 2019’s It Chapter Two, but we could even include a skin inspired by the iconic Tim Curry rendition! If we wanted to get really creative, we could also find a way to make Pennywise’s spider form into a playable character. This would be difficult, no doubt, as he is… a spider. But if that becomes too hard, we could always use demon Georgie in his cute little raincoat!

There are few horror movie monsters as iconic and terrifying as Pennywise the Dancing Clown. I think he’s a necessity in this love letter to the Warner Bros. catalog of characters. Just picture him in that awesome Multiversus art style, feeding on Arya Stark’s fears as she’s forced to relive the sight of her father getting decapitated! Oh, the humanity!

Contender 2: Alf

If you’re like me, you grew up with Alf being a household name. This story follows a lovable little puppet (not a Muppet) alien who crash lands in Willie Tanner’s backyard and spends over a hundred episodes trying to consume his housecat. Okay, there’s a lot more to the story than just that, but it sure involves a lot of hijinks and dead cat dreams. If this isn’t winning you over, I implore you to go give the show a watch. I know a lot of people these days aren’t aware of this genuinely funny, wholesome sitcom, but it captured the hearts of many in my life, and that’s made Alf such a dear character to me.

Alf isn’t particularly violent – save for the whole “cat eating” thing – so it’s hard to think of his attack moveset, off the top of my head. I seriously did think of something to do with him chasing cats across the screen, and as a recovery move, he would obviously hop in his spaceship and sail toward the top of the stage. Perhaps he could rely on members of the Tanner family to appear and help him out? Oh! Maybe he could do a little singing? I recall he enjoyed singing the occasional ditty. Alf is a weird show, man.

As for skins, well, the titular alien wears a lot of different outfits throughout the four seasons. Most notably, Alf can be seen wearing sunglasses quite a bit, and this could be coupled with anything from a denim vest to a tie dye shirt to a party dress. The guy’s a class act, and he’s always dressing up and trying to fit in with the human crowd. Unfortunately, his extremely hairy body and small stature and… odd alien face really give him away. He also loves wearing suit-and-ties, so that could be a nice option, as well.

There’s no denying Alf is a stand-up guy, and with a lot of love and comedy to bring to the table, he could easily bring a unique spark to the Multiversus roster. It’s about time he makes his way back into the spotlight, too, considering his name is all but irrelevant, save for the occasional rerun on television. Bring back Alf, dammit!

I know, it’s a weird battle, considering these guys have nothing in common. One is a kindhearted homesick alien, and the other is a being of absolute darkness who feasts on the fears of the innocents. But hey, someone’s got to win! Who will it be? You decide!

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