Happy holidays from us here at VGU.tv to you all! As we are on the eve of Christmas, we wanted to take a moment to talk about our favorite holiday memories. We hope you share yours as well either in the comments or on the Twitter reply to this article. And here’s hoping that in the near future, all of you will have a new favorite memory to share!

Josh Miller – Feeling More Old Than Jolly

In 2011, after what felt like forever in trying, my wife and I almost gave up. Well, giving up without seeking special help. Then we got the news….she was pregnant. It was a rush of excitement and fear like I hadn’t experienced before. The excitement gave way to wanting to tell everyone, but holding back until we got to a safer point in the pregnancy. While my wife told her family almost immediately at that point, I made mine wait a little longer.


The image above was the first look we had of our child. Sure it looked like a weird John Carpenter creature of some sort, but by god, it was our John Carpenter creature. So we took the image and inserted it in a picture frame letting them know a Miller was on the way. Christmas came, and my wife and I kept an eye on that gift until my mom opened it. It took a second to register, but when it did, it was an amazing moment to see how happy they were.

I hadn’t topped that feeling before at Christmas prior, and haven’t since. And that’s ok. It’s a moment that doesn’t come often, and to have it attached to a Christmas makes it that much more special. As someone who is more Grinch than St. Nick during the holidays, it was easily something that made my heart grow several sizes that day.

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