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Contender 1: Jason Voorhees

He’s back! Yes,the man behind the mask, Jason Voorhees, is our first contestant. The nigh unkillable force of nature from Camp Crystal Lake is setting his sights on those in MultiVersus. With more than 10 films in his bag, comics, video games, and more; Jason is a great icon to add into MultiVersus.

Jason is a simple beast. Give him a weapon, and he will make the most of it. In this case, the classic machete will do for his basic attacks. Maybe let him throw it as a projectile. I for sure would love to see the infamous sleeping bag make an appearance, but instead of a tree, have him beat it against other opponents. Since he was also in Mortal Kombat X, moves from that could be pulled as well. So seeing stuff like a choke or backbreaker could be potential attacka too.

The alternate skins can be real fun. Jason has had plenty of changes over the years. Yes, there are the more out there versions like Jason X or the all purple NES version, but also the less crazy ones too throughout the series. So seeing him in overalls with a burlap sack over his head is one option as is Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood where his suit is more torn up and you can see his dilapidated body underneath. Add in versions where he is maskless, and there are so many possibilities for Mr. Voorhees.

He may not be a talker, but he is one hell of a physical brute. Despite his movies being mostly trash, he has endured as a memorable horror icon. But he isn’t the only icon on this list, as his two opponents here are ones he has fought before either through a movie or comic books…

Contender 2: Freddy Krueger

More personality than the other two, and far more imaginative. Freddy Krueger may not be a huge threat in the real world, but if we pull the dream potential, he is near godlike. Because of that though, he can make for a very fun character to play as in MultiVersus.

While it’s not a big long blade like a machete, his finger claws would be suitable for normal attacks. There is a way to factor these into long range attacks too though. Remember that scene of Freddy with his arms extended out in his first appearance? Do that in the game as an attack. Reach out like a Stretch Armstrong. Using his dream powers can have things manifest and thrown at people or create a hole they fall through that manifests somewhere else on the map for them to land as a down attack. Reality is at his whim, so Player First Games could have some fun with that.

Costume wise, there’s a lil less there. He’s mostly a red and black sweater kind of guy. But, as seen in the above image, he has had moments of appearing darker red. That could be one option. Have one without the hat or even one where it’s just Robert Englund/pre-burn Freddy is a possibility as well. Of course, Freddy does make appearances dressed as other people, so having him in random outfits would work too.

Freddy may not be as ruthless of a brawler as the other two contenders here, but he is the most fun. He can be agile and meticulous with his moves vs the slow and lumbering power attacks of Jason and Leatherface. And he also has a ton of possibilities when it comes to adding his voice into the game. Imagine Freddy tauntimg others or being the announcer. Would be a ton of fun there.

Contender 3: Leatherface

This chainsaw wielding maniac rounds out this triple threat match. He has had a number of reboots and prequels, but one thing is consistent, he loves wearing the faces of other people. Now while I don’t think MultiVersus would go too far….imagine if they would…

Chainsaw the obvious weapon here. Unlike Freddy though, and to a point Jason, he doesn’t get super experimental. Sure there was that big mallet he used to knock people out, so that can be treated like he is a hammer brother from Mario and throw it like a projectile. I think he has used beartraps too, so there’s a route to go as well. But most of the attacks would probably revolve around the chainsaw. For example, whirling around like a tornado with it extended or uppercutting characters with it. Or the tried and true, hold it out in front and let it cause a ton of smaller less impactful hits.

Bear with me here. While Leatherface has had different iterations over the last 40-50 years, I want one thing in particular. But I’m not sure if WB would allow. Let him wear the faces of other characters. I know, I know. But how messed up would it be to have a Bugs Bunny stitched up face or a Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman-esque Batman cowl? I like the idea personally. Plus, it could be like the Smash Bros. Mii costumes. Add in different faces from other properties that aren’t reflected in the game. Probably not going to happen, but a sicko like me can dream.

Leatherface on the surface seems like the least interesting pick. However, he could be a decent blend of Freddy and Jason if played right. His attacks could be more akin to Jason, but could be played a littlwe goofy like Freddy based on what mask he could wear and how ludicrous some of his stuff looks and sounds (wailing while dancing in a circle like the gif above). Whatever the choice, a horror icon should be in the game, and Leatherface is a great choice as well.

Three horror icons come face to face. Who would come out the victor? That…is for you decide! Check out the embedded link below and let us know which character you would love to see in MultiVersus.

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