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Contender 1: Willy Wonka

Who doesn’t love the king of candy? Willy Wonka is a household name that needs no introduction, but in case you’re unfamiliar, allow me to give you a small backstory. Ronald Dahl’s timeless classic novel tells the story of young Charlie Bucket, as he wins a contest to inherit a chocolate fortune from famed chocolatier, Willy Wonka. The eccentric billionaire – presumably – lives like a big old man baby without a care in the world, surrounded by tireless workers who he saved from a life of poverty to… do his bidding. Wonka’s kind of the worst, huh? But imagine him in a fighting game!

I imagine Willy Wonka playing like King Dedede does in Super Smash Bros. You know when he takes out Waddle Dees and bonks ‘em with a hammer, sending them flying into danger while he stays safe from harm? Well, imagine Wonka calling Oompa Loompas into battle with his little flute and dancing about while they fight with candy-based attacks. Gobstopper projectiles, shields made out of sugar, even golden egg attacks! Willy Wonka has a whole repertoire up his sleeve and he’s not even USED to fighting games! Lest we forget, when he falls off the stage, who’s there to help him back up? The great glass elevator, of course! Guy’s a mad genius.

As for skins, this too writes itself. Picture different character models for the Gene Wilder rendition of the character, the Johnny Depp version, AND a skin modeled after the classic storybook illustration. Willy Wonka has such an iconic look, and he even utilizes an assortment of outfits in the movies! For example, there’s his Mike Teevee suit, in white from head to toe. There’s also the outfit he wears in the jungle when he meets the Oompa Loompas in Loompaland. Of course, he also has his patented purple suit and hat. Willy Wonka knows how to look good, no matter the occasion.

Few literary characters are as beloved as Willy Wonka, and with a career that’s spanned multiple forms of media, there’s no reason why he couldn’t make the leap to Multiversus. Warner Bros. would be bonkers not to consider this childhood hero.

Contender 2: Mr. Six

Beep! Beep! The Vengabus is here!

If you remember Mr. Six, congratulations! You’re super old! Mr. Six was the face of Six Flags from 2004 to 2010, until his untimely demise when Warner Bros. had him put to death for terrifying too many park guests. This is all speculation, of course, as Mr. Six was actually loved by many throughout his short-lived stint as mascot. The WB theme park was apparently tired of using Looney Tunes to promote their business, so they decided to have an elderly man with an affinity for dancing take over.

So why would he be in Multiversus, you ask? Because why not? Who else can go up against the zany kookiness of Willy the Wonka? Mr. Six lives without limits. He has one job and one job only: dance. He attracts guests to the park with his wild choreography. His jaunty jigs get the crowd bumping. But most importantly, his enormous bus will mow down anyone who gets in his way. Mr. Six would have an attack moveset complete with flashy dance moves and, well, the BUS. I feel who could also summon some Looney Tunes or perhaps even a roller coaster for assistance? Maybe even smack fools around with a flag pole or six? The possibilities are endless when you allow a well-dressed codger into the ring.

Speaking of the way he’s dressed, Mr. Six doesn’t really have many opportunities for skins. Sometimes he has a scarf, sometimes he doesnt. But that’s about it for his costume changes. Perhaps we could include some cheeky gags, like a skin that makes him look like Danny Teeson, the 29-year-old man who actually portrayed Mr. Six. Spoilers alert. OR, we could include a skin for Jordan Pope, the young boy who won a Mr. Six impersonator contest back in 2004. Look, guys, I’m grasping for straws here. Work with me.

Mr. Six is a legendary pop culture icon and one of Warner Bros. most precious properties. He should be immortalized in a video game such as this for years to come. Better yet, Six Flags should get off their high horse and bring the old man back again. It’s been too long without his sick moves. And the Vengaboys.

The penultimate showdown is here! So who do you have on your dreamlist to join the roster? Before you let us know, why not vote in the poll for these two below!

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