New year, new podcast, same hosts

It is 2023 and that means WiN is back on your podcast services! Prepare for news about remakes, accessibility, spicy rumors, and more! 


  • Geralt Voice Actor Says Netflix Show Writers Deviated From Story
  • Key details for Silent Hill: The Short Message Have Leaked
  • Fallout 2 Has Been Remade in the style of Doom
  • Kenny Omega Channels Inner Sephiroth At New Japan’s Wrestle Kingdom 17
  • System Shock Remake Targeting March 2023 Release Date
  • Last of Us Part 3 A “Real Possibility” Says Neil Druckmann
  • Project Leonardo Announced By Sony

Resident Evil Corner

  • Resident Evil 4 Remake Will Not Cut Content, Instead Add Content

We Need To Talk About This

  • Stephen Amell Returning For Flash’s Final Season (Al Reminisces)

Rumor Windmill

  • Horizon Zero Dawn Remake NOT Being Developed by Guerilla?
  • Persona 3 Portable Remake In The Works?

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