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To wrap up this showdown, the four main units of bring their own fighter into this fatal four way match! Check out their fighters below!

Contender 1:

Booster Gold: protecting his past, and YOUR future!

Booster Gold is a DC Comics superhero created by Dan Jurgens who debuted in 1986 not long after the post-Crisis on Infinite Earth era of the DC Universe. A time traveler from the distant future with a stolen Legion travel ring, Booster made himself a new home in the twentieth century. But as you do when you live in the world of DC, there are bound to be a Crisis or seven. Each one with devastating consequences as you go along. One minute you will have a prominent history, the next you will turn into a being of time. Then, you will return to square one as if nothing ever happened. (I hate when that happens)

Booster’s abilities are mostly tied to his equipment with his power suit giving him superhuman strength, superhuman durability, energy projection (via his gauntlets), and his visor enhancing his hearing and sight. He also has time travel abilities which can bring something to the playing field. I like to think that Booster’s main perk would involve him aging up the level to a point in time where it no longer exists. He could even have Skeets (his robotic travel companion), act as an additional perk to give him a fact about the opponent’s weaknesses. I would like an assist where Blue Beetle would show up and attack whoever it is you are fighting.

With Booster Gold having a rich comic book history as well as solid outings in other forms of media, there is a lot that could be done with the character’s look in Multiversus. There are of course the various looks he has had from his debut in the mid-’80s, his look across multiple Elseworld stories, his final evolution in the New 52, and his many incarnations on the small screen. This could be anything from his appearances on Justice League Unlimited, Young Justice, or even on the final season of Smallville prior to Flashpoint. But then again, continuity and timelines do not matter anymore in the DC Universe.

Well, that has been me, Allan Muir making my case for Booster Gold appearing in Multiversus alongside Batman, Wonder Woman, and Cave Carson because I have definitely played the game and am in no way lying. If Booster and Skeets make it into the game I hereby request Tom Everett Scott and Billy West reprise their respective roles.

Contender 2:

I have been waiting a long time for this one. Now, to be fair, there are a lot of WB properties I can still think of adding to this roster. But only one stands above the rest: my trump card, if you will. God, wouldn’t it be funny if it was actually Donald Trump? Is The Apprentice a WB property? I digress. Nay, while my choice is also no stranger to New York, he originally hails from a much colder climate. This guy has traveled a long way from the land of talking snowmen and… talking narwhals. He’s got quite the story to tell and a smile on his face and a whole lot of Christmas cheer! I give you…

Buddy the Elf: singing loud for ALL to hear!

The possibilities are endless with Buddy, I mean come on! With so many memorable Elf moments, I can picture his attacks without even having to rack my brain! Of course, he’ll throw snowballs, and jump on mattresses, and maybe even do his little mailroom table dance. He most likely attacks with a big candy cane, and his range attack can either be using a jack-in-the-box or shooting maple syrup from the bottle. He’s an absolute menace and thinking about this makes me so happy. Ultimately, you’d have to include Santa’s magic sleigh in some way, too. Maybe that could be his recovery method, to get back on the stage if he’s knocked off. Isn’t this just writing itself?

For costumes, it’s a little tricky. Buddy’s look is so iconic, he never even changes his clothes throughout the whole movie, I don’t think. However, there are other elves in their own iconic suits, and Buddy could try those on for size! Most notably, there’s Jovie’s pink elf costume, or maybe you could even include a Papa Elf skin, which would just look like Buddy… with glasses. Brilliant!

Buddy the Elf is an absolute no-brainer for Multiversus. He’s funny, he’s colorful, and while Elf is a timeless classic, he hasn’t really done anything new in almost 20 years. My god, I am so old. Anyway, if you think this lovable oaf belongs amongst the pantheon of Warner Brothers characters, vote for me!

Contender 3:

Vegeta: The Prince of All Saiyans

For many of us, in the United States at least, Cartoon Network would be the introduction to Japanese animation. Toonami brought forth shows such as Robotech, Tenchi, Gundam, and yes….even Dragon Ball Z. I myself have fond memories of rushing home from middle school to catch the next run of the Namek Saga after a 6 month or so hiatus. If it wasn’t for that, the other options were illegal downloads of the Japanese versions through Limewire, Kazaa, etc; or to find a $40+ VHS tape at a local video store to watch 3 episodes. Suffice it to say, Dragon Ball in particular is huge throughout the world and has been for decades. And through it’s inclusion on Toonami, would fit in MultiVersus.

Due to the type of series Dragon Ball is, Vegeta fits perfectly into MultiVersus. He fits well as an assault or tank character as he can due damage from a distance with moves like Final Flash or Galick Gun, or he can get up close and bust you in the face with a punch or kick. He could even do his Final Explosion or Super Explosive Wave as a close-by AOE attack. Add in the various transformations at his disposal could change up his stats and maybe even switch out the moves making him a worthwhile character to learn and rewarding to play as.

Likewise, Vegeta isn’t only armed with fighting abilities. He also has a good number of alternate outfits throughout the series. Various saiyan armor alone gives him a number of difference from the shoulder pad sizes (if any) to the color of his bodysuit underneath. Even a nod to his original look with the incorrect coloring would be cool. But then you have outfits like his baseball uniform during the Universe 6 vs Universe 7 baseball match, the purple jelly duplicate Vegeta on planet Potaufeu, and even the beloved pink Badman shirt. And, if absolutely necessary….there’s always GT Vegeta.

There may be no character better suited for MultiVersus than a Dragon Ball character. They fight, they change costumes, they participate in fighting tournaments, and it’s one of the biggest franchises in the world. Player First Games would be ridiculous to omit such a huge series from the game, especially one that has ties to Warner Bros. For these reasons, Vegeta would be a perfect character to add into the game.

Contender 4:

Lee and Carter from the Rush Hour series

Time to go back to LA and/or Hong Kong and/or Parris with one of the most iconic Duos of the 90s and 2000s. Lee and Carter, or Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, are make up the best action movie duo outside of Miami. Part fish-out-of-water comedies and part high octane action, these films are full of personality and suspense thanks to the contrasting yet endearing personalities of the leads.

Even with an apparent 4th film on the way, and a failed television reboot, the legacy of the series remains strong. In fact, I’d argue that the legacy is stronger enough to deserve the pair a Ice Climbers-essqu spot on the Multiversus roster.

Just think of the movesets! Lee could rely on his melee moves and elaborate acrobatics while Lee could appear for all ranged attacks. You could get props involved, like the explosive vest from the end of the first film and the Hollywood Street sign that Lee hands from near the middle of the film.

Alternate costumes could also provide opportunities for more references, as they could have everything from their flashier suits in the climax of Rush Hour 2 or even the massage robes and towels from the iconic fight scene in that film. And if you really wanna get crazy, you could even make that massage parlor from the second movie, or even the Effel Tower or dojo from Rush Hour 3, stages in the game. And all of this is before mentioning the incredible voice lines you could get from clips of the movies, or even if you had Tucker and Chan returning to do new lines.

So, you should all RUSH into that poll so that we can get HOUR boys the spit the rightly deserve!

Let’s bring this to a close with this final matchup. But before it fully wraps up, you have to vote one more time! Check out the poll in the embedded link below and make your final pick!

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