This week on WiN: Starfield gets a release date, Pokémon wants your data, and… we need to talk about G4

*Slight audio glitches appear in the episode*

VGU Game of The Month (March)

Allan: Resident Evil 4 Remake

Graydon: The Last Worker


1. Ninja VANISH! Aragami Studio Shutting Down

2. Gamechanger: Playdate Adds Store and Increases Price

3. Starfield Enters the Chat… Again

4. Dead By Daylight Comes to Theaters!

5. Game Pass New Additions!

The Star Wars Update

 Star Wars Movie Slate Sees Big Changes

Gotta Cover Them All, Pokémon!

 New Update Deletes Save Files?

We Need To Talk About This

 Was G4 Racist Y’all?

Rumor Windmill

1. GTA VI Right Around the Corner?

2. Fortnite FPS Mode On Deck?

3. Counter-Strike 2 is Coming?

Things Mentioned In The Episode:

– Player’s Club Episode 36

– Noah Caldwell-Gervais’ YouTube Channel

– Chris Cortes’ YouTube Channel

– Meet the Sess

– Brilliant Destructoid Article On Aliens: Colonial Marines

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