This week, we have a jam-packed show for ya today. Emmett Watkins Jr and Allan Muir are back but are also joined by Josh Miller and Graydon Webb to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of VGU.TV! The gang links up to talk all about the games that we need everyone to play in preparation for the VGU.TV Game of the Year discussions next year. We’re all playing the Elden Rings and Horizon Forbidden Wests of the world, but there are a bunch of games that we want to shout out now so that GOTY discussions can go a bit smoother, so we make time for them now so we can play them over the next month or so.

And finally, the Messy MashUp makes its grand return! So, play along and try to guess what two games are being combined and who will win this year’s game!


Tinykin 6:15
WWE 2k22 12:49
As Dusk Falls 22:52
Kirby & The Forgotten Land 29:59
Pokemon Scarlet/Violet 38:50
Beacon Pines 47:08
Stray 52:36
Nightmare Reaper 1:03:57
Hardspace Shipbreaker 1:13:27
Vampire Survivors 1:20:42
New Tales from the Borderlands 1:28:20
Horizon: Forbidden West 1:40:00
Midnight Fight Express 1:50:33
Messy MashUp 1:52:36
One WILD Idea 2:33:32
Housekeeping 2:41:07

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