Ayyyy, it is I, the GamerSnitch. If you go through the family history, you’ll find that I’m directly related to the old EGM alumni Quartermann. I’m his cousin’s niece’s grandmother’s half-brother’s daughter’s long distant friend’s ex-boyfriend. Try not to think about it, the link is there.

Anyways, with the Quartermann having disappeared into the ether, it’s time that the GamerSnitch takes the mantle that’s clearly mine at this point. So here I am! Bringing you the 100% factual rumblings and going’s-on behind the scenes. I’ll try to jump in from time to time to bring more of what I’m hearing.

But for right now, absolutely not fabricated from my mind, here is the snitching:

1. The Return of a Sly Raccoon

Rumor from the Sony sidelines is that a dev is working on a new Sly Cooper game. I’ve heard two different versions though – a Ratchet and Clank style reboot/remake made by Bluepoint Games and Sumo Digital flexing that Sackboy: A Big Adventure cred with a new one entirely. Only time will tell. Maybe it’s revealed this year, but next year seems more likely.

2. Wonder Woman Setting Itself Up as a Late 2024/Early 2025 Release

It’s been a while since the Wonder Woman game was revealed the The Game Awards in 2021. The game is moving along though with an announcement coming soon about an early 2024 release window. But based on what my snitcherinos-in-the-know are telling me, they fully expect that to be pushed to a late 2024/early 2025 title. Prepare for the hordes of Ares in Washington, DC and the beasts of Circe in Themyscira.

3. The Mega Man Legends Collection is Coming

Capcom is going to continue plugging away at Mega Man games as they have started work at porting the Mega Man Legends games. The first two titles, along with The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, are tentatively scheduled for 2026. It will of course follow up the unannounced collection of the Mega Man Star Force games set to release in early 2025.

4. A Nightmare on Elm Street Game in the Works

Developer IllFonic is already at work on it’s next asymmetric multiplayer game, this time modeled after the beloved A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. They are working on nailing down the rights, but are putting together a demo of sorts to sell the project. If everything works out, we should be invading dreams within the next few years.

5. The Deadman Showcase in WWE 2K24

The Phenom is “officially retired”, for all that’s worth in wrestling nowadays. But, this makes a great time for Visual Concepts to bring him in to their Showcase. They feel similarly. They are currently recording lines with The Undertaker so players will get to experience his matches with Jake the Snake Roberts, Mick Foley, Kane, and even the streak-breaker Brock Lesnar.

Now let’s see if the Gamersnitch’s sources here come through better than the last ones. If so, I know who to go back to for future scoops. Until then, never forget the saying: Snitches bring riches.

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