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Hypertime to Podcast – Dwayne McDuffie Content-athon

To finish up our month on Dwayne McDuffie and Milestone Media, Josh and Allan are joined by Javon McNeil to get his perspective of seeing himself represented in media. We do it all through the works of Dwayne McDuffie and the goal he set out to accomplish with his career. No show notes, but please […]

VGUtv W.i.N Podcast Episode 37: “A New Challenger Approaches!”

This Week On The VGU.TV Week In News Podcast: This episode has been claimed by Arcane, Will Graydon Finally Try March to October in MLB ‘21, Could the mythical MGS Remake be happening? And make sure to leave ONLY positive reviews! Welcome to WiN! Allan and Graydon are joined this week by Gary Gallimore to […]
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