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MLW Fusion 110 Recap: The Restart

MLW Fusion: The Restart has come. Ever since the pandemic, MLW had been running shows in Mexico and now they are back home. We are given a video package showcasing the history of Major League Wrestling and we go back to the days of MLW Underground during the WWE Reign of Terror. We see different […]

The Player’s Club Podcast Ep 40: Celebrating a Year of (The New) VGU.TV with Messy Mash-Up

What’s Up, Playa? This week, despite technical difficulties, is a special week. Not only is the next generation upon us, but this marks a full year since VGU.TV relaunched in its current form. To celebrate, we not only have Emmett Watkins Jr and Allan Muir on as always but are also joined by Josh Miller […]
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