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LHG Podcast 18: The Odd Release of Dreams and the Rumored Synergy Between Xbox and Nintendo

No, you’re not dreaming, Green Book won best picture. But at least you get a news episode of the podcast! This week, Allan and Emmett are joined again by Josh to discuss a bunch of stuff. Emmett wrapped up Shadow Warrior 2, Josh wrapped up Titanfall 2, and Allan wrapped up his reign as the Savior of Singleplayer by dipping his toes into Anthem. In the […]

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LHG Podcast Ep 15: Dreams is Blowing Minds, Titanfall is Going Battle Royale, and PS5 is Happening?

Welcome back, Pilot! This week, we finally get Josh Miller and Cam Dagg on the show with the usual Allan and Emmett to talk about a bunch of stuff. We talk more about Insomniac’s Spider-Man, talk about the free to play game Let it Die, have a big discussion about Media Molecule’s Dreams beta (the NDA is up, so Emmett can finally talk about it!), and a whole […]

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LGH Podcast Ep 14: Resident Evil 2 Love, A PlayStation Fan tries PC Gaming, and the Dreams Beta is Crazy

You were almost a Jill-Sandwich! Were back with yet another episode of the show! This week, Emmett, Hunter, and Allan brought back Andy Sitz to talk all about how great Resident Evil 2 is (spoiler free of course). We also let Emmett talk about his foray into PC gaming and how he’s liking his new desktop. And finally, Emmett talks about his […]