The Team

With the revival of VGUTV the ship needs a crew to take of it. Let’s meet The Club of VGUTV.

Allan Muir

Co-Editor In Chief and PC Masterrace/Xbox Stalwart

Email me here!

Emmett Watkins Jr.

Co-Editor In Chief/PlayStation Stan

Writer, Podcaster, Kinda Funny Prince

Josh Miller

Senior Staff Writer aka The Family Man

Husband. Father. Misses the days of no responsibility and poor choices.

Graydon Webb

Staff Writer and An Habitual Line Stepper As Well

Will the real Jack Black please stand up?

The writers for VGUTV are some really good people.

Connor Irving

Anime Expert

Really hates Detroit: Become Human and David Cage.

Gary Gallimore


Want to join the team?

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