The Team

Welcome to the Video Game Utopia!

We are a diverse team of individuals; a collection of various races, gender identities, and geographical locations, connected by a common passion: entertainment media. From video games to movies to music, we love it all! But who are we, you ask? Well, come meet the team!

Allan Muir (They/Them)

Co-Editor In Chief & PC Masterrace/Xbox Stalwart

“I’m the Phil Coulson of the VGU Podcast Network”

Emmett Watkins Jr. (He/Him)

Co-Editor In Chief/The PlayStation Stan

Writer, Podcaster, Kinda Funny Prince.

Josh Miller (He/Him)

Senior Staff Writer aka The Family Man

Husband. Father.
Misses the days of no responsibility and poor choices.

Graydon Webb (He/Him)

Staff Writer aka The Contrarian American

I peed next to Greg Miller once.

Jack Black, please notice me.

Raul Contreras (They/Them)

Staff Writer & Spider-Man Extraordinaire

Loves: Marvel, Mass Effect, and Mexican food.

Hates: Anti-wokeness.

Javon McNeil (He/Him)

Podcast Contributor & The Most Interesting Man in the World

Prince of Peacocks

Knight of Nuclear Power

Miami Madman.

Gary Gallimore (He/Him)

Podcast Contributor & Dad on a Mission

When he’s not traveling the country,
you’ll probably find him playing Pokémon.

Connor Irving (He/Him)

The Man Behind the Curtain

When all is lost in darkness,
Connor will still be there,
Standing tall amongst the rubble.

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