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Are We Soothsayers? THQ Nordic 10th Anniversary Showcase Predictions Results

The summer games fest rolls into the Fall with the THQ Nordic Tenth Anniversary Showcase. Did we get our predictions right? Or are we deadly inaccurate? Find out. So on […]

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The Player’s Club Podcast Ep 70: Deathloop, Life is Strange True Colors and the THQ Nordic Showcase

What’s Up, Playa? Welcome back to another episode! Emmett Watkins Jr and Allan Muir are back once again to predict some of the announcements well get during the THQ Nordic […]

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WiN Episode 51: The Past Is New Again

In today’s episode, Emmett is addicted to flash games, great minds think alike, and is Keri Russell still relevant? Find out this week on WIN! Emmett’s “Donda” Review – Just […]

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Podcasts 1 Presents: “Brother Why Am I Stuck In A Time Loop?” A 12 Minutes Spoilercast

Do you have the time? Oh, you appear to be stuck in a loop? Well, it’s a good thing you came to this VGU Spoilercast of Annapurna’s latest game, Luis […]

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Hypertime to Podcast – One More Day

Josh and Allan look back at one of the most controversial stories in Spider-Man’s existence. One. More. Day. Not only do they get into the nitty gritty with Spider-Man, but […]

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Roundtable: Games That Should Have Received a Sequel

We can all think of one right? A game that really spoke to us but just didn’t sell well enough to deserve a sequel. Occasionally we are thrown a bone […]

Video Game Music Trailer We Love Roundtable
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Roundtable: Video Game Trailer Music We Love

Every trailer out there for an upcoming video game always has a song in it that is supposed to sell the viewer on said game. A few I can name […]

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Twelve Minutes Review – I’m Stuck In The Loop

Ever since Twelve Minutes appeared on a Kinda Funny Let’s Play all the way back in 2015, the premise of the game held my attention. I’ve always had an affinity for the concept of time loops in movies like Edge of Tomorrow, Source Code, and Happy Death Day. I enjoy seeing the different ways that creative minds explore or solve time loop scenarios. On the other hand, I’ve never been a fan of the traditional adventure game genre. I assumed the game wouldn’t be able to keep my interest long enough for me to see it all the way through. I exceeded my own expectations and managed to beat the game, but my experience was definitely rocky from the start.