“Super Best Friends… is ending.”

I woke up to this video aptly titled Super Best Friends Play (Part Final) which threw me for a loop as I initially thought that this was a YouTube publishing mistake and that they’d finally be finished with DmC: Definitive Edition but strangely instead of a DmC thumbnail it was the thumbnail of the Super Best Friends Play YouTube channel itself. I feared what the video would be but I foolishly opened it. It was Woolie announcing that Matt and Pat, the original Two Best Friends Play members going back nearly a decade on Machinima’sYouTube channel were no longer friends and the duo who I had admired for the past five – to six years were no longer going to be producing video content together anymore.

It felt like a being awake during a nightmare because a large part of who I’ve been for the better part of five and a half years was a super fan of Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam before he left the Zaibatsu. At the timeI’d rather spend a Friday night watching their library of content (LP’s, Brawls, Machinima episodes, etc.) than go out and socialize. Phrases that they coined I’d bring up whenever I could (“The Hypest Shit!”, “Can You Feel the Storm?!”, and anything related to making fun of Woolie *E3 2013, Stealing Pies, editing footage so Woolie would refuse to stop stealing pies, and more). Not only that but I discovered great games through their LP’s. Games such as Yakuza, B.S.U.A.J. Gaiden, and perhaps the best series of all time: the SoulsBorne (Demons SoulsDark Souls 3/Beast Souls aka Bloodborne) series of video games that kicked your ass and then tucked you into bed like a child.

I have vivid memories of key points in their Let’sPlays such as Matt throwing the Axe in the chasm in Silent Hill, the yelling among Pat, Matt and Woolie that led to Woolie yelling “FIRE PRO!!!!” during Fire Pro Wrestling Returns duringRustlemania, and my god the suffering through David Cage games beginning with Heavy Rain, midway at Omikron, and finally at Detroit: Become Human. Two other highpoints being the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic LP that was hilarious asPat was guiding Woolie through an RPG and telling him how to be a scumbag and giving him the nickname Pockets in a callback to the Dark Souls 3 LP when Matt joked about putting 50 points into Luck leading to the creation of “Lucky Ted trips his way through the Dark Souls world.”

But in the end Matt is going to be working on a game titled The TakeOver which is available to buy for $19.99 and Pat and Woogie will be doing a new podcast titled “Super Castle Beast” which itself is a reference to the DSIII LP where the guys lost their collective shit over a fictional game. So, to Woolie, Matt, Pat, and Liam thank you for making me feel like I had the best friends that I could feel no judgment from. Good night. Sweet prince.

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