This is it, the culmination of 20 match ups over 11 months, with 40 different PlayStation icons, mascots and characters. We’ve come a long way from the starting 11, and now it’s time for Emmett Watkins Jr, Graydon Webb, and Josh Miller to look back at each match-up, see which characters got overlooked, and then go into full detail on what a potential PlayStation All-Stars sequel could be.

Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to the Showdown, including Allan Muir and guess contributors Los Harrow’s Hunter Davenport, The Trophy Room/Best Friends Talk Funny’s Kyle Stevenson and Dualshockers’ Cameron Hawkins. And of course, thanks to everyone who voted in each match up throughout the year. Now all there is to do is wait and pray that PlayStation decides to revive All-Stars for next generation.

You can listen to the show on iTunesSpotifyPocket CastsGoogle Podcasts, on this article, and more!

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