All the content from the week in one place!

It’s been a light-week as far as content but here at we champion quality over quantity. So here’s what’s been going on this week.

  • Josh Miller pitched a new Legend of Legaia game which you can find here.
  • On the latest episode of the Player’s Club Podcast Emmett and I went over our Top Five PS Plus Games of the PS3 which you can find here.
  • I wrote a brief news piece on MLB The Show 20 which you can find here.
  • In the first Roundtable since’s return I along with Josh Miller, Graydon Webb, and newcomer Raul Contreras talk about games that fill our hearts with joy which you can find here.
  • Finally, I wrote an in-depth news article based on the latest MLB The Show 20 live stream focusing on different game modes. You can find it here.

Enjoy the content!

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